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Spring Boot Development

Spring Framework is one of the most used frameworks in Java. Spring Boot is built on top of Spring Framework and it helps you to build Spring Apps even more quicker.

The goal of the training is to learn the core Spring framework functionality, to build web applications and RESTful APIs using Spring Boot. Also database connections and security is covered.



3 päivää

1990 €

Target Group

We have designed the training for programmers who want an overview of Spring Framework


Java Development

Contents of Spring Boot Development

Day 1

Java in Cloud

  • Overview
  • Spring Framework vs Java/Jakarta EE
  • Spring Boot vs Spring Framework
  • Spring Boot Features

Compiling Spring Boot Application

  • Tools: Maven
  • Default Project Structure
  • Creating project from command line
  • Compiling and Running, creating Uber-jar
  • Spring Developer Tools

Dependency Injection in Spring

  • Spring Container
  • Understanding beans and annotations
  • Bean Scopes

Day 2

Spring Web MVC

Model View Controller for Web apps

  • DispatchServlet, HandlerMapping and Controller
  • Controller scope and threading
  • View Templates: Thymeleaf
  • Passing data from controller to view
  • Sessions

Spring RESTful API

  • RESTful API and HTTP
  • Building RestController
  • POJO to JSON and XML
  • HttpMessageConverter
  • Best Practices in RESTful

Day 3

Database connections

  • Spring JDBC vs JDBC
  • JdbcTemplate bean
  • Using memory based database and real database
  • Spring JPA and Hibernate
  • Spring Data and using CrudRepository

Spring Security

  • CORS
  • Authentication and authorization


Course begins at 9.00 and ends at 16.-16.30. Breakfast is served from 8.15 onwards.