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Java Development

The training covers key Java SE technologies and libraries. These are the technologies that you should know, when implementing Java applications. This course provides you the basis to continue towards Spring Boot, Java EE or Android development.

After the training you will be familiar with the up-to-date class libraries of the latest up-to-date Java version.


2 päivää

1550 €


We have designed the training for programmers who need a clear overall view of Java SE's operations, features and main libraries.


Object Oriented Programming with Java or with some other language such as C# or C++.

Kurssin sisältö

Day 1

Java Technology Overview

  • Current status of Java
  • JDK - versions, Tools
  • Documentation with javadoc


  • Built-in packages
  • Importing and exporting packages
  • Encapsulation in packages
  • Java 9+ modularity
  • Jar - archiving
  • Defining classpath

Java Build Tools: Maven

  • Compiling and running apps using maven
  • Other tools: ant and gradle

Exception Handling

  • Managing exceptions in Java
  • Checked vs unchecked exceptions
  • Creating own exception classes

Day 2

JavaFX GUI Development

  • UI development in Java: AWT, Swing and JavaFX
  • Stage and Scene
  • Layouts
  • Event Handling
  • Menubar and other UI components

IO and File Handling

  •, java.nio and java.nio.file packages
  • Streams, readers and writers
  • Serialization
  • Autoclosable

Generics and Collection classes

  • Creating classes with generics
  • Collection types/interfaces: Collection, List, Set and Map
  • Concrete collection classes

Day 3

Java 8 Stream API

  • • Recap of Lambda
  • • Overview of streams
  • • Creating a stream
  • • Object streams and primitive streams
  • • Modifying collections using streams

Concurrent Development

  • Creating threads
  • Synchronizing threads
  • Executor Framework
  • Callable and Future

Java Database Connectivity

  • Drivers
  • Connection
  • ResultSet
  • PreparedSta


Koulutuspäivä alkaa klo 9 ja päättyy noin klo 16-16.30. Aamiainen on tarjolla klo 8.15-9.00.